The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act was enacted in 1976 to insure responsible disposal of chemicals, solvents, sludges, and other waste streams that could be hazardous to human health and the environment. The USEPA has the responsibility for promulgating and enforcing the regulations governing the identification and management of hazardous wastes. In addition to the regulations noted below, many interpretive letters and guidance memos have been issued over the years addressing specific situations. In addition to defining hazardous waste, the regulations specify required management and training requirements regarding the segregation, storage, labeling, manifesting, transporting, and disposal of hazardous waste. All hazardous waste generators must become familiar with the regulations and comply with those that apply to their specific circumstances.

    You can view copies of the actual regulations governing hazardous waste via our web site at Code of Federal Regulations. We've provided copies of these regulations on our web site because the links on the CFR change from time to time.

    In addition, the USEPA has published an excellent review of the RCRA program in their RCRA Orientation Manual.