The PharmE® Policy and Procedure Templates are streamlined and divided into Pharmacy, Nursing, and Environmental Services and can be easily customized to reflect the implemented process. An example of the template policies and procedures for the Pharmacy Dept. is provided below.

    Policy Title
    P1 Identification and categorization of all pharmaceuticals that can become hazardous pharmaceutical waste
    P2 Apply shelf labels to pharmaceuticals which can become hazardous waste
    P3 Set up pharmaceutical waste containers in Pharmacy
    P4 Dispose of all pharmaceutical waste in approved containers
    P5 Ensure accurate waste categorization after compounding
    P6 Determine all methods of electronic labeling of appropriate disposal messages
    P7 Label pharmaceuticals stocked in patient care areas that can become hazardous waste
    P8 Manage outdated drugs
    P9 Maintain inventory waste categorization as new drugs are purchased
    P10 Manage bulk compounding chemical disposal