OSHA Updates Hazardous Drug Handling Website

    [released May 27, 2016]

    (Brookfield, WI – May 27, 2016) PharmEcology Services, WM Sustainability Services

    OSHA has updated its 1999 Technical Manual on handling hazardous drugs. The new site, Controlling Occupational Exposure to Hazardous Drugs, incorporates the expanded NIOSH definition of a hazardous drug to include genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, teratogenicity/developmental toxicity, reproductive toxicity, organ toxicity at low doses, and structure/toxicity profiles of new drugs that mimic existing hazardous drugs. The website includes an extensive literature review of past OSHA and research documents. Guidance for hazardous drug handling in the pharmacy and patient administration areas is also provided along with recommendations for an employee hazardous drug safety and health plan. Very specific information regarding biological safety cabinets and other primary engineering controls in the pharmacy compounding area are reviewed. Medical screening and surveillance are discussed as is compliance with the Hazard Communication Standard, training, and record keeping. The site may be accessed at https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/hazardousdrugs/controlling_occex_hazardousdrugs.html#mgmt.