PharmEcology Launches USP <800> Assessment of Risk Consulting Service

    [released November 12, 2018]

    (Brookfield, WI – November 12, 2018) PharmEcology Services, WM Sustainability Services

    With the December 1, 2019 deadline for USP <800> compliance only a year away, PharmEcology Services, WMSS is launching a unique consulting service which leverages the PharmEcology database to provide a customized Assessment of Risk (A of R) for clients based on their Inventory Analysis along with an A of R algorithm that enables healthcare facilities to customize relevant decisions, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), containment strategies, etc. The new service also provides Functional Risk Minimization templates for the documentation of all relevant decisions by function and type of personnel, e.g. pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, nurses, etc. based on their role in hazardous drug handling. Finally, the new service offers a Compliance Management Document that rolls up all requirements under USP <800> into a project management format for complete documentation to be available for Joint Commission Surveys, state Board of Pharmacy reviews, or other regulatory inquiries. PharmEcology’s compliance experts provide either on-site or webinar-based workshops to familiarize clients with the use of the tools so that they may gain maximum benefit. To learn more about how we can assist your organization in coming into USP <800> compliance, please visit us at or contact us at 1-877-247-7430 or at